Tiffani Anderson – Technician Manager

Tiffani Anderson started working for Mallard Point Veterinary Clinic in 2016. She is currently enrolled in courses at Penn Foster to become a certified veterinary technician. Tiffani’s favorite thing about the veterinary industry is, taking care of the ones who have no voice and making them healthy again. She was inspired to go into this industry because she has been fostering for rescue animals for many years. Tiffani realized how much help and love the animals needed, so after working in management for another company for 22 years she decided to do something that she absolutely loved. With a great deal of support, she changed her careers.

At home Tiffani has 3 dogs and 3 cats. Dogs: 13-year-old Bo, 9-year-old Sabrina and 4-month-old Margo who was recently adopted. Cats: 7-year-old Max, 4-year-old Samantha and 1-year-old Soda Pop. Outside of work, Tiffani enjoys going to White Soxs game with her longtiime boyfriend Michael. She also enjoys baking, decorating cakes and going to country concerts.