Obedience Training


To help you and your new puppy off to a good start, our hospital offers both puppy and adult obedience classes. Have fun learning about health, obedience and behavioral topics while socializing with other dogs! At its core, obedience training is about one key concept in particular: leadership. It's about more than just getting your dog to pay attention to you - a dog will do that already anytime they want a little affection. It's about getting your dog to see you as the true leader of the pack that you really are. It's about getting them to pay attention to you and not the world around them. Once that simple goal is achieved, everything else has a habit of falling into place.

Our Professional Dog Trainer:

Angela Murray

Direct Website: www.nurturek9.com

Phone: (708) 202-9409‬

Email: nurturek9@att.net

Training Form: https://www.nurturek9.com/trainingform

Training since 1993

Angela is certified in the principles and techniques of canine behavior modification from Purdue University, is CPR certified for dogs and cats from both the Red Cross and Pet Tech, and has over 25 years of experience teaching pet obedience classes, private lessons and working with canine behavioral problems. In 2009 and 2012 She became certified through the only national known council for professional dog trainers. She has been a mentor for the Animal Behavior College & CATCH Training Academy and serves as a Nutritional Consultant for Bentley’s Pet Stuff in Oswego, IL after completing her Pet Care Specialist training through DNM University. She has also conducted observational canine research at Wolf Park in Battle Ground, IN and has completed courses in Dog Sledding, Animal Tracking, and Psychology. In August of 2018 she pioneered a dog training certification program through Waubonsee Community College.



Classes Available:

Email Angela at nurturek9@att.net for more information about class times and pricing!

Puppy I

Overview –

  • For puppies under 6 months of age
  • 4 weeks total of puppy classes at 45 mins length.
  • Upon completion of puppy class I, your pet may continue on to Puppy Class II.
  • Targets socialization, basic commands, behavioral and health issues.
  • Please bring a collar & leash (NO RETRACTABLE LEASHES, PLEASE).

Class Description –

This obedience class is designed to help you and your pup start off on the right path for a long and enjoyable life together. You will learn how to use reward-based training methods (treats/toys) to train your puppy basic obedience skills: sit, wait, down, stay, come and walk nicely on a leash. We focus on puppy socialization, getting your pup to pay attention to you, as well as remedies for solving common puppy problems. You will get homework and handouts each week and a graduation certificate upon completion of this class!

Puppy II

Overview –

  • For graduates of Puppy Class I
  • 4 weeks total of puppy classes at 45 mins length.
  • Targets socialization, handling skills (ie: heeling/controlling your dog on walks), exercises focusing on the owner without distractions.

Class Description –

This obedience class builds on the lessons and skills learned in Puppy-1. Prerequisite: Completion of Puppy-1. We focus on strengthening your role as a strong leader so that your pup learns to understand and respect you. We continue working on the obedience skills learned in Puppy-1 plus new ones such as leave-it, stay, come with distractions, drop-it and loose-leash walking.You will get homework and handouts each week and a graduation certificate upon completion of this class.

Vaccine Requirements:

Rabies, Distemper w/Lepto, Bordetella, Canine Influenza H3N2 & H3N8 and negative fecal sample.