Grooming Services:

We offer several levels of grooming at Animal Care Center of Shorewood, ranging from a basic wash and dry to a complete day at the spa.

Depending on the type of pet, we recommend grooming your pet every four to eight weeks. When scheduling an appointment, please see what is offered in our grooming package:

– Blow Dry                                                  – Shampoo
– Brush out                                                – Nail Trim
– Express anal glands                              – Clean & pluck ears
– Hair cut as owner requests                 – Handkerchief or bow

Grooming Specials:

Tubby Tuesday –

$20 Bath & Nail Trim with our kennel staff!

**Will not be serviced by our groomer**

Grooming Vaccine Requirements:

Dogs – Rabies, Distemper w/Lepto, Canine Influenza (H3N8 & H3N2 if never done before, we require it 2 weeks prior), Bordetella & Negative fecal.

Cats – Rabies, Distemper & Negative fecal.

Meet Our Groomer!


Sandi has been Grooming since 2007. She joined our team at the Animal Care Center of Shorewood in April of 2018. Sandi has 2 Black & Tan Coonhounds named Luther and Bella. They are 6 year old litter mates. She also has twin boys named Luke & Cody! Outside of work, Sandi is very passionate about working in the Therapy Dogs International with her dog Luther. Sandi also is involved in the American Kennel Club Conformation.