NEWS RELEASE – What Will Fido Think of the Solar Eclipse?

Dr. Tony provides tips for helping pets through this astronomical phenomenon

CHICAGO – August 9, 2017 – A total solar eclipse is set to happen later this month, and it is becoming the must-see event of the summer. People around the country are eagerly waiting for the rare sight of the moon passing over the sun, turning day into night for a few minutes.

Angela Speck, director of astronomy and a professor of astrophysics at the University of Missouri, reminds us that animals will likely behave as if it were evening. Farm animals may head back to the barn, thinking that it is night time again. Insects, frogs and birds may start to chirp and make more noise signaling that it is nightfall. Most wild animals will associate the dusk and darkness as nightfall.

Dr. Tony Kremer, a prominent veterinarian in the Chicagoland area, suggests that domestic animals may become confused by the phenomenon as well. “Some animals may become disoriented or confused at the sudden darkness,” he said. “It would be a good idea to keep your pets close to you during the eclipse, if possible. They may even be a little spooked, but their comfort and stability will come from you. That’s what is important to remember.” Because animals don’t generally look at the sun, there is no need to be concerned about them needing eclipse glasses, he said.

Follow these simple tips for a great eclipse experience with your pet:

  • Keep pets on a leash and at your side during any viewing events.
  • Be aware of your pet’s surroundings in case they become scared of noises around them.
  • Provide a thundershirt or tight-fitting clothing to make your pet feel more secure.

About Dr. Tony Kremer

Dr. Tony Kremer is a prominent veterinarian based in Chicago, Illinois who currently operates six veterinary hospitals ( in the Chicago area and Columbus, Ohio.  Dr. Kremer is the President and co-founder of Help Save Pets ( an animal shelter that has adopted thousands of animals a year into loving homes. He graduated from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine in 1990 and later conducted post-graduate study at The Ohio State University in Total Hip Replacement. He has a special interest in Orthopedic Surgery, performing advanced knee and hip procedures as well as complicated fracture repair.  In his veterinary practices, Dr. Kremer brings the latest technology and techniques to his patients. Dr. Kremer has founded three scholarship programs for veterinary students who have financial need. He is also a member of the Chicago Veterinary Medical Association Public Education Committee and a certified Veterinary journalist.

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