Juliana Hartmann – Kennel Manager

Juliana Hartmann (nonbinary pronouns, please!) started getting involved with veterinary medicine back in 2010 and assisted in their first surgery that year. In 2012, they joined the KVS team as a Kennel Technician. Since then, Juliana has worked in multiple departments with  from Reception to Technician, Manager to inter-clinic Consultant, however their true passion is working in kennel environments.

Juliana went to Paul Smith’s College in Upstate New York where they did a double major in Science, and a minor in business. They graduated after 4.5 years with the following: BS – Natural Resources: Environmental Science, BS – Natural Resources: Management and Policy, and an Associates in Business Administration – Human Resource Management. Prior to that, they have a background in human medicine. They also have training in exotic animal containment, enclosure management, and animal handling through course studies at zoological parks around the US.

Juliana’s favorite thing about the veterinary field is managing animal environments and providing quality care for them as patients and boarders. In addition to ensuring the Shorewood facilities are spotless, they also employ a variety of techniques to reduce stress and increase enrichment. “Keeping each animal clean, safe and happy is my number one priority,” Juliana explained with a smile.

Regarding the veterinary field, their specialties are genetics, behavioral studies, and enclosure design. A scientist at heart, they are constantly reading, studying, and attending seminars to keep up with the latest theories and discoveries in their chosen fields.

For Juliana, the personal evolution from scientist and animal handler to veterinary employee was a natural one. They got into this field because they are passionate about making a difference in the lives of others: both animals and the people who care for them.

Juliana is married to their partner of  many years. Together the Hartmann family includes: Lyra (6yr old German Shepherd), Mickey Finn (13yr old Jack Russell Terrier), Meowcat (a rescue who is at least 8yrs old), and a recently adopted kitten named Thomas. In keeping with their passion for exotics, Juliana also has several ball pythons.

In their leisure time, Juliana’s hobbies include scientific research, theoretical physics, medical illustration for textbooks, animal training, reading, hiking, and weight-lifting. Juliana also writes fiction, and publishes their work online under a pseudonym. They have an international reader base, and works translated into other languages.

Juliana is also a military veteran. Their last duty station was Naval Station Great Lakes where they worked as an Instructor.