Dr. Heather Hlad – Associate Veterinarian

In 2017, Dr. Heather Hlad began completing multiple externships with the Kremer Veterinary Services family. She externed at Oswego Animal Hospital, Animal Care Center of Plainfield EMERGENCY and Animal Care Center of Shorewood. Dr. Hlad completed her 4th year clinical rotations at both ACC Emergency and ACC of Shorewood and absolutely loved it! Dr. Hlad completed her undergrad in 2014 at University of Arizona, in 2019 she graduated from St. George’s University in Grenada, West Indies and completed her clinical rotations at University of Missouri.

The reason Dr. Hlad loves the veterinary field so much is the entire spectrum of vet med. I love the many avenues, the diversity of medicine, patients and people! I love meeting my patient and their humans and love to see the authenticity of each client and patient. She loves the true ability to explore adversity of animals, experiences and people. Dr. Hlad says “I’ve always felt vet med in my bones”. She explains it was not until working with wild animals that solidified her placement in the field. Dr. Hlad has an interest to learn more about caring for exotic pet and wildlife.

Dr. Hlad has one cat named BLUE! She proudly adopted while in vet school at St. George’s in Grenada, West Indies. Blue was brought to the GSPCA paralyzed after a dog attack. After some much needed TLC, Dr. Hlad adopted her and she is now she is 1 years old and enjoys going on nature walks. Blue is Manx according to the genetic testing!

In Dr. Hlad’s spare time she enjoys backpacking, she has actually done 85 miles through John Muir Trail in California and 112 miles along the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) through Oregon. She also enjoys hiking, painting, gardening. She used to snorkel/free dive every single day! She is a scuba certified and recently began rock climbing. Dr. Hlad absolutely loves to go to the beaches and loves to meditate. She also has done a lot of photography. Her favorite book is the Alchemist!

Dr. Hlad’s most unique patients: Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle & Snowy Owl.

Dr. Hlad’s most dangerous patients: Eastern Diamond Back Rattle Snake