Dr. Josie Arkush – Veterinarian

Dr. Arkush has been practicing veterinary medicine for 5.5 years. She started at KVS right out of school and still going strong! Dr. Arkush started out her professional life as a graphic designer with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Northern Illinois University. She worked for 4 years as a designer and decided to go back to school to study medicine.  She took all of her Vet Med pre-reqs in West Michigan while working at a dairy milking cows, and ended up going to Vet school at University of Illinois.

Dr. Arkush loves caring for animals, interacting with their owners and the challenge that medicine presents. To her each and every day is different, some days are sad and some days are joyous and she loves being a part of all of those moments with pets and their owners.

Dr. Arkush has Trudy, a retriever mix who is 4 years old. Mr Kitty who is 18 and Sister Kitty who is about 8.  She adopted Sister while in vet school, she was Dr. Arkush’s very first surgery. Her husband is an NFL reporter, so she has no choice but to keep up on the NFL. She does enjoy sports but loves to watch cooking shows a bit more! Dr. Arkush loves live music, going on walks with her family and spending summer days at either of the Nanas’/Papas’ pools.