Lance and the Cloudy Eye

Dr. Maryse Arteficio

Veterinarian – Animal Medical Center

Lance is a 13 week old Terrier mix who is one of our adoptable puppies through our in house rescue Help Save Pets. He had a bit of a rough start in life and came to us after spending some time in an emergency hospital and receiving a blood transfusion. He was underweight, weak, and had both mange and fleas. He also had an infection in the tip of his tail. Most notably he had a very cloudy and small left eye.

Lance was and is quite the fighter however and each day he grew stronger and stronger. However during his stay with us he also had another setback and developed kennel cough. Luckily he responded to antibiotics and finally gained enough strength and weight to be neutered.

While he was under anesthesia for his neuter, his eye was examined and he was determined to have a deep ulcer which is why his eye had such a cloudy appearance. At the time the surgeon debrided the ulcer and performed a conjunctival graft – essentially smoothing the portion of the eye that was ulcerated and using tissues surrounding the eye as a kind of bandaid to patch the ulcer up.


Unfortunately Lance suffered yet another setback and that left eye continued to have problems. Finally it was decided that in order for Lance to be the most comfortable he needed to have it removed. Though it may sound upsetting to some, dogs can do great without an eye. Often times they are much more comfortable and happier without it. They can learn to rely on their other senses and their other eye to get around and live a happy life.

When we removed his eye we initially placed some local anesthesia in the tissues surrounding his eye so he could not feel any pain. Then we sutured his eyelids closed and finally dissected all around his eye to loosen the tissues. Finally once we isolated the nerve and artery attached to the eye a tie was placed around it and the eye was removed. The remaining skin was then sewn together and Lance’s surgery was complete.

Today Lance is continuing to do well and as happy as can be despite missing an eye. We are hoping he will be adopted soon!