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Zander and the importance of Oral Health

Zander, a 14-year-old neutered male Domestic Shorthair, presented to Hinsdale Animal Hospital for evaluation after the owners noticed Zander’s breath had become foul smelling. A dental cleaning and examination was scheduled and Dr. Plomin was able to perform a complete oral examination with the patient under anesthesia. Not only was Zander found to have significant […]

Surgical Correction of Gastric Dilation and Volvulus

Adam, a 7 year old Great Dane, was presented to Oswego Animal Hospital for a painful abdomen and unsuccessful attempts at vomiting.  On physical examination, his stomach felt enlarged and very firm, he had a rapid, irregular heart rate and was extremely dehydrated. Due to concerns for gastric dilation and volvulus, abdominal x-rays were performed […]