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Madison and Giardia

Madison, a three year old Labrador Retriever, was presented to Oswego Animal Hospital for a week long history of diarrhea, intermittent episodes of vomiting and lethargy. On physical examination, Madison was slightly dehydrated with no other abnormalities noted. Due to Madison’s clinical signs of diarrhea, vomiting and lethargy, it was recommended that Madison have both […]

Otodectic Mange:  Itchy Ears in a Kitten

Edwin, a 6 month old male intact domestic medium haired cat, presented to Oswego Animal Hospital for an examination.  Edwin was previously an outdoor cat that came from a rural community.  The owners noticed both his ears were dirty and that he scratched them frequently. On presentation, Edwin was examined and found to have excoriations […]

Overcoming Pet Obesity

OVERWEIGHT PETS Pet obesity is becoming an epidemic in the United states. It is estimated that over half of all household dogs are overweight. At Animal Care Center that percentage is higher! Obesity can lead to many health problems including heart disease and diabetes. Another condition commonly seen is early onset of debilitating osteoarthritis. We […]