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Tasha: A Case of Pyometra

Tasha, a 10-year-old intact female English Mastiff, presented to ACC of Plainfield on recommendation from their routine veterinarian. Tasha had been lethargic for the past 72 hours and over the last 24 hours began refusing food. Her owners noticed she seemed uncomfortable, continuously repositioning herself and never seeming to be able to relax or get […]

Pepper: A Case of Hydronephrosis

Pepper, a 10 month female spayed mixed breed dog, presented to the Animal Care Center of Polaris for a few days duration of a slightly reduced appetite.  Given her non-specific signs, blood work was performed.  Initial lab work (complete blood count, chemistry profile, and urinalysis) showed a mild elevation in SDMA (early biomarker of kidney […]

Persistent Right Aortic Arch (PRAA)

  PRAA is a congenital abnormality of the blood vessels of the heart. It can constrict the esophagus and cause dysfunction.  It is more common in dogs than cats. The earlier it is diagnosed and treated (surgically) the better the prognosis. Unfortuantely for Ellie, with poor prognosis differentials and financial constraints, this abnormality lead to her demise. Ellie , […]

The Case of the Unlucky Penny

Roscoe is a 12-year-old, neutered male Poodle who was originally presented in September 2017 for having urinary accidents in the house, straining to urinate, and increased frequency of urination. His physical examination was unremarkable except for having a large bladder. A urinalysis and x-rays were performed which showed evidence for a urinary tract infection and several urinary stones in the bladder as well as the urethra. Two types of stones were suspected based on the results, including struvite stones, which are most frequently caused by a urinary tract infection in dogs, and calcium oxalate stones, which are associated with increased calcium and oxalate in the urine and a decreased pH.

Betsy and the Mystery of the Missing Baby Pacifiers

Betsy, a two year old mixed breed dog, was presented for a one day history of vomiting and unwillingness to eat. The owners note that Betsy had one episode of vomiting her dinner last night and was unwilling to eat her breakfast that morning. Since breakfast, Betsy had five episodes of vomiting progressing from undigested […]